It has become a normal ritual for Karachi when everyday a new cafe or restaurant pops up on its busy streets. Some thrives to cater to the demand of Karachiitesby offering products which we never have had experienced before while others just call it a bad day. A foodie like me never misses a chance to visit as a new food joint which is talk of the social-media, as I put it. Recently I got a chance to visit a new cafe named Grotto which opened its door in main Bukhari commercial.

To be honest, at first I though it is just another cafe however when i checked the menu and ordered the food, boy-oh-boy, I was quite impressed. As usual I started with the appetizers and soups in which I ordered Thai Prawn Cake and Tom Yum respectively. The Tom Yum unlike many restaurants in Karachi was not bland and was as at par my expectation as usually in many restaurants this exotic soup is not at all like what actual Tom Yum tastes or looks like.

For the main course I opted for Chicken Tarragon as it is my favorite and yet again, it was a good proportion of meat and veegtables on the side. I could not finish it all (unfortunately). However, the friend who went with me ordered a rather fancy dish named Grilled Atlantic Red Snapper and I could not resist but try it too, and it was way too amazing, definitely my main course next time there.
I also came across some otehr variants like open faced sandwich and nice steaks however could not try them in a single visit. Next time I will surely go with an empty stomach so that I can have it as much I can

Oh and by the way, this combined with the cozy and light atmosphere was a cherry on the top. My workday ended just perfectly after the dinner, all I could wish for!